GOSO is multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience working with interactive and social media technologies for businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized organizations.

It's all about managing your brand. We believe social media at its core, is about your reputation with your audience and your customers. It's given the average consumer a lot of power and influence over how your brand is perceived, and that perception can change in literally the time it takes to post a tweet or write a scathing review online.

At GOSO our culture is about embracing social media and evolving as it evolves. That's been our company culture since our inception in 2008. We're purely grounded in social media, reputation management, emerging technologies and innovation. All the things a business needs to succeed online.

Why should you outsource your social media?

Because we're all about value and service. Value is reserved for you — our client, service is for your customer. You could hire a full-time employee. Give them an entry level salary, benefits and all of the other expenses associated with recruiting internally such as federal/state tax and unemployment withholding. Or, for roughly a fraction of that cost, your could use GOSO, and have a well versed team of experienced professionals instead.

"Hosick Motors of Vandalia, Illinois utilizes GOSO to bring efficiency, both with time and cost, to social networking without losing quality. Matt Embry, Hosick's Internet Sales Manager, has realized the advantages of outsourcing his social media initiatives to a trusted company, such as GOSO." Motor Trend Magazine Motor Trend Magazine "Hosick Motors Realizes the Advantages of Outsourcing Social Media"

In addition, GOSO is a social media services division of BOALT, an award winning interactive design agency that's been in operation since 1998. This association allows us to go beyond just sending out an occasional Tweet or Facebook post — by offering social media initiatives driven by great strategic creative marketing.

Whether it's conceptual design, a fully custom developed marketing solution, or just monitoring customer feedback on your Facebook Wall or Yelp profile, GOSO has the capability and the resources to take your company's social media marketing initiatives to a new level of engagement.

We focus on maintaining your social networks and brand reputation, so you can focus on your business. Contact Us Today